Cycling tourisme between the rivers Spree and Neisse

Progressing during the last years, the cycle paths network between the two rivers Spree and Neisse developed into one of the most comfortable one into the whole State’s territory of Brandenburg. Here, more than 400 cycle paths and many bridges were newly built. Thus, here a network of about 1.000 kilometres of cycle paths has been created. Basis of the result is an extraordinary commitment of both the Spree-Neisse district and the communities to take care of the long-term maintenance of value as well as the signposting of the road network.
The Spreeradweg (Spree cycle path) stretching through altogether 410 kilometres from the Spree sources in the Sächsisches Bergland (Saxony hills) to Berlin, and the Oder-Neisse-Radweg (Oder-Neisse cycle path) stretching through altogether 590 kilometres from the Czech Isergebirge (Iser mountains) to the isle of Usedom (Baltic Sea), is crossing about every 60 kilometres the Spree-Neisse region. They both lead mostly asphalted on the dykes along the river.
The Niederlausitzer Bergbautour (Lower Lusatian open cast mining tour) connects each other three open cuts still in operation, and leads through the already revegetated landscape after the mining. The Gurkenradweg (Cucumber cycle path) scouts out everything related to the popular pickled vegetables. The Fürst-Pückler-Weg (Prince of Pückler cycle path) reveals testimony of the gardening during both the Pückler’s era and the present. The Seenlandroute (Seenlandroute) is connecting 16 newly built artificial lakes in southern Brandenburg and in northern Saxony. The Tour Brandenburg (Tour of Brandenburg) is the long-distance cycle path with the greatest length in Germany. Afar from the arterial roads, here the biker can really experience the wonderful landscape of the Spreewald, the stream valleys of the rivers Spree and Neisse, the natural park of the Schlaubetal, and the peculiarity of the “Muskau coal crescent” unique throughout Europe.
Diverse experience areas along the trails make feel everybody each tour a special event. Thus the Textile museum of the State of Brandenburg at Forst, the Town and industrial museum at Guben as well as the Museums of the former Ironworks and of the Fishery can tell you something interesting about this region’s history. Esperts on the novel “Der Laden” (the shop) by Erwin Strittmatter, with the filming in 1998 will go "Mit Rad wie Bäckersch Esau" (dialectal German speech giving the gist: ride bike like the disrespectful Esau!) from Grodk (Spremberg) to Bossdom (Bohsdorf). This tour has been tested just like the Gubener Seenrundfahrt (Lakes of Guben’s environs), the Altbergbautour at the Muskau’s coal crescent (Tour throughout the former open cast mining), Burger Storchentour (Burg’s stork-seeing tour), and the Spreeauentour of Peitz (Tour throughout the low-lying land along the river Spree), concerning a barrier-free access. For more details, see web page of the Spree-Neisse district and the Tourist Information services. The latter also provides both maps and other hot tips. Accommodation offers are available for each pocket, since our hotels, guesthouses, private accommodation service and camping grounds, a lot of them being awarded the well-known bed & bike rating, look forward to seeing the cycling guests.
Here you can, of course, likewise enjoy bicycle touring without luggage by booking; for example a Tour de Spreewald, a Gurkentour “Land und Leute” (on the Cucumber cycling path while you’re knowing of people and landscape), a Park-Kult-Tour (with the main focus on culture and parks) [], or a Grosse Lausitzrundfahrt (long-distance tour across the Lusatian region) [].