Oder-Neisse cycle path

Ausschilderung mit Logo - Oder-Neiße-Radweg ... total of 590 kilometres from the source of the river Neisse in the Czech Iser mountains to the Stettin Lagoon (Szczecin – Poland)
(66 km from that within the Spree-Neisse district)

The rivers Oder and Neisse form the boundary between Germany and Poland. If you start your trip in the south at the source of the river Neisse, near the Czech Nova Ves, passing afterwards the border triangle of the Upper Lusatia, you’ll reach the first stage finish at the town of Zittau in Germany.

After that you’ll be bid welcome for an attendance by the Convent St Mariental at Ostritz. The legendary Pückler park at Bad Muskau which the prince was getting laid out in the 19th century is the next highlight by the wayside.

Ausschilderung mit Logo - Oder-Neiße-Radweg Subsequently you’ll enter the territory of the Spree-Neisse district and shall have a look on idyllic conservation areas like the “Märchenwald” (magic forest) at Forst (Lusatia) – the town of roses. Continuing onto the cycle path along the Neisse dyke to the town of Guben, from where a detour to the Polish side is recommended.

A few kilometres direction north, just behind the district’s boundary, the river Neisse empties into the river Oder at Ratzdorf. It’s imperative to see over the monastery at Neuzelle.

The small town of Frankfurt on the Oder preserves a lot of landmarks. After this you’ll arrive at the double place of Küstrin-Kietz from where the cycle path stretches through the Oderbruch (swamp region along the river). Then, in the Uckermark’s territory, the cycle path is crossing the national park of the Unteres Odertal (lower valley of the river Oder).

After the town of Schwedt respectively the place of Mescherin the cycle path leaves the bankside distance in order to reach the Stettiner Haff via Penkun.

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