Spree cycle path

Ausschilderung mit Logo - Spree-Radweg total 410 kilometres from the sources of the river Spree in the Sächsisches Bergland (Saxony hills) to Berlin
(from that 59 kilometres within the Spree-Neisse district)

The river Spree’s course starts up in the Saxony hills where the stream is feed by three sources. The Spree turns in north-west and north direction while arriving at the lowlands near the town of Bautzen. Continuing within the Spree-Neisse district it reaches finally at the river dam of Spremberg, at Pückler’s town of Cottbus before forking into a lot of rivulets in the Spreewald. Then is passing through a large-scale lake area, the historical town of Beeskow, runs past an almost virgin landscape crossing the town of Fürstenwalde with it’s cathedral before flowing into the river Havel in Berlin. The expanded cycle path of about 410 kilometres with the logo signposted continues closely by numerous historic sites.

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bikeline-Radtourenbuch 1:75 000
Verlag Esterbauer GmbH
Spree-Radweg, Von der Quelle nach Berlin
ISBN-Nr. 978-3-85000-070-3
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