Lower Lusatian open cast mining tour

Ausschilderung mit Logo - Niederlausitzer Bergbautour 500 kilometres open cast mining and new landscapes
(nearly half from that within the Spree-Neisse district)

The open cast mining tour stretches along three lignite open casts still in operation. This cycle path being the only one in the State of Brandenburg, is crossing through the already revegetated landscapes after the mining, too.

Wherever visitors might come in the Lower Lusatia, they’ll be lead to remains and evidences of the lignite winning. Being part of those are both the mentioned three surface activities still in operation with their giant excavators, and the former extraction banks. Some of them have already been revegetated and developed into leisure areas, others will be changed later into lakes or wooden landscapes.

The open cast mining tour may be started and finished from/at 18 railway stations. Marker is its mascot: a cycling little red Devil.

That’s with a wink the colliers say: "God has created Lusatia, and the Devil has hided the lignite. But we found it"... 

Tips concerning maps and literature:
bikeline-Radtourenbuch 1:75 000
Verlag Esterbauer GmbH
Niederlausitzer Bergbautour, Radwandern durch das Lausitzer Braunkohlerevier
ISBN-Nr. 978-3-85000-164-9
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