Sorbian impressions

„Serbske impresije nad Sprjewju a Nysu – Fall prey to Sorbian impressions along the rivers Spree and Neisse – by bike“ - Northern and Southern tours

Total distance: about 242 kilometres
Northern tour about 109 kilometres
Southern tour about 133 kilometres

Start/ finish: respectively in Cottbus (central railway station)

Witaj k nam, luby gosć! You’re most welcome, dear guest!

Who’ll be bound for experience between the Spreewald and the Lusatian hills along the rivers Spree and Neisse, may note in many places the bilingual signposting of the communities and streets, what means a German-Sorbian labelling. Than here you enter the homeland of the Lusatian Sorbs who mostly call themselves Wends. They’re recognised as one of the four national minorities in Germany.
The disclosed route allows the opportunity to familiarise intensively with the Sorbian culture in both the Spreewald and the Lower Lusatia.
Museums and historical home parlours reflect a genuine life scene of the former generations and, at the same time, a lot of things worth seeing about mores, customs, and traditional costumes. Moreover, many a craftsman likes willingly deliver insight into its work. Listed are the memorial places in the Lower Lusatia of the outstanding personalities they’re important for the Sorbs, too. Further will be drawn your attention to the local festivals and events with a Sorbian character where everybody can directly undergo mores, customs and dressed up townsfolk alive.
Sorbian traditions are cultivated at many places in the Lower Lusatia the whole time. Thus, between January and March take place the festivities called Zampern/ Sorbian camprowanje (a kind of a trick-or-treating) respectively Zapust (a kind of Shrove Tuesday). On Easter the Osterfeuer/ Sorbian jatšowny wogeń youth kindles a great fire, and of the villages put up the Maibaum/ Sorbian Majski bom (Maypole). During the month of July/ August happen harvest traditions like the Hahnrupfen/ Sorbian Łapanje kokota (to pluck the cockerel), Hahnschlagen/Sorbian Zabijanje kokota (oldest harvest custom: long ago in the 17th/ 18th centuries a cockerel was killed with a flail; now the youth is content with pot hitting) and Stollenreiten/ Sorbian Rejtowanje wo kołac (horse-race after the divine service; winner’s prize is a flower-bedecked stollen).
Fixed dates of the traditional festivities and other events may be found at the internet site of the Sorbian cultural information “LODKA” (see legal info).
The “Sorbian impressions” in Brandenburg with the Northern and Southern tours are completed by the offered trails within the Saxony part of the Lusatia. Even off the beaten track and the signposted paths there are still numerous Sorbian/ Wendish marks to be discovered in the Loewer and in the Upper Lusatia.

We wish you nice experience on Spree and Neisse.
Žycymy rědne kolasowanje nad Sprjewju a Nysu!

Routeing of the Northern tour:

Cottbus (central railway station) – direction Guben on the Spree cycle path via Saspow and Skadow – between Peitz and Döbbrick turn left direction Döbbrick – to Dissen – via Striesow to Briesen – direction Burg (Spreewald) after Guhrow on the road to Ruben – on the cycle path of the Tour Brandenbug from Werben to Burg – direction Schmogrow turn right in front of the Bismarckturm on the Fürst Pückler cycle path – after Maiberg direction Drehnow turn left to Drachhausen – via Drehnow to Peitz – crossing the Lasszinswiesen (meadows) direction East to Jänschwalde – Tauer – Heinersbrück – Open cast mining tour to Neuendorf – along the Hammergraben (rivelet) – in front of Saspow turn either right via Sielow to Cottbus or left directly to Cottbus (central railway station)


Döbbrick: church/ village square; Dissen: local museum/ church/ memorial /storcks; Briesen: church; Ruben: artisanry - tailoring of Johanna Bossan; Werben: memorial to Mato Kosyk; Burg (Spreewald): historical home parlour/ tubber’s museum/ pottery of Piezonka/ clog maker Karolczak/ traditional costume tailoring of Dizumbla/ traditional costume and individual tailoring of Jackobick; Drachhausen: historical home parlour „Kolasko“; Peitz: wooden art at the open cast edge/ Wendish biblical saying; Jänschwalde: Wendish-German museum of local history/ barn museum/ church; Tauer: museum of local history; Heinersbrück: Sorbian farmhouse parlour; Neuendorf: memorial to Fryco Latk; Sielow: traditional costume tailoring of Doris Heinze; Cottbus: Klosterkirche (minster)/ blue-printing master craftsman’s shop of Müller-Rühtz/ Wendish museum/ Wendish House with Lodka

Routeing of the Southern tour:

Cottbus (central railway station) – detour via Forst Sacro and Horno

Cottbus (central railway station) – direction Guben turn right after the Fair and Congress centre – along the Spree cycle path via Branitz, Kiekebusch, Gallinchen and Gross Ossnig through the conservation area of the river dam of Spremberg – via Bräsinchen, Bagenz and Hornow to Bohsdorf – by-passing Reuthen to Bloischdorf – via Graustein to Spreemberg – direction Hoyerswerda, turn right behind the Aral gasoline station along the Senftenberger Strasse on the cycle path via Pulsberg and Haidemühl passing the open cast mining of Welzow-Süd to Proschim – direction North via Sibirien, Welzow, Neupertershain, Gut Geisendorf and Raakow to Drebkau – via L52 reaching Casel – Lower Lusatian open cast mining tour via Illmersdorf, Koschendorf and Leuthen – Spree-Neisse tour following direction East to Schorbus – return via Leuthen direction Kolkwitz via Ströbitz and return to Cottbus (central railway station)


Detour: Forst Sacro: Museum/ open-air village museum; Horno: Museum with the “Archiv verschwundener Orte” (archives of the vanished places)/ church;

Hornow: Confiserie „Felicitas“; Bohsdorf: Museum „Der Laden“; Bloischdorf: Lower Lusatian Sorbian village museum; Spremberg: Lower Lusatian Heidemuseum (heath-museum/ local history museum); Proschim: Museum “Alte Mühle” (old mill); Drebkau: Museum with the Sorbian weaving parlour;


Tips concerning maps and literature:
Wander- und Radwanderkarte 1:75 000
Niederlausitz Spree-Neiße-Region
ISBN-Nr. 978-3-932281-16-7
Sachsen Kartographie GmbH Dresden


Leaflet "Sorbische Impressionen"
Verlag Reinhard Semmler
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