Fürst Pückler cycle path

Ausschilderung mit Logo - Fürst-Pückler-WegPeople in the Lusatia lived on the lignite mining over the centuries, and nothing did shape in such lasting manner the landscape. At the same time, due to the framework of mining’s return to the near-natural conditions, new landscapes are growing. Notwithstanding, even the landscapes in between the mining and the reclamation have an own charm. Thus, you’ll find in the region a very interesting and unique amalgam of old cultural landscapes, open cast mining still in operation, and humic soil newly made. The Fürst Pückler cycle path leads on almost 500 kilometres across the contemporary history of the Lusatia. Consistently you can use the non-recurring chance to live both how to move hills and how to create lakes. From the bike you may have a look upon communities of rural character, castles and parks, but also upon impressive benchmarks of the industrial culture. In so doing, you’ll become acquainted with such old cultured landscape like the Spreewald as well as the recently reforested woods, and the future lakes now in flooding, too. Incessantly exciting views over a weird landscape of the open casts will make your ride a sensational experience.

The routeing of the Fürst Pückler cycle path
The Fürst Pückler cycle path involving the most striking landmarks of the growing area of the Lusatia lakes, joins almost the total of the former IBA projects (IBA = International Exhibition of Landscaping Works). Consequently it leads, for example, to the IBA-Terrassen within the IBA Centre at Grossräschen, joining the historical parks created by the prince of Pückler at Branitz and at Bad Muskau, in order to finish via the “heirs” of the industrial culture like the bio-towers at Lauchhammer, the power plant at Plessa and the visitors’ colliery F60 at Lichterfeld. So you may experience from the cycle path the fascinating open cast mining landscapes in between, i.e. abandoned open pits not flooded yet, others flooded half of the planned volume, and others already well-stocked are worthwhile seen by a short stopover. The Fürst Pückler cycle path touches upon the Muskau coal crescent and stretches along the Lusatian chain of lakes where you’ll see the swimming houses at the Geierswalder See. Inherent part of the developed cycle paths network is the art-historical landscape at Pritzen, too. In the meantime the circular trail has been completely provided with signposts. During the execution of the construction works belonging to the Fürst Pückler cycle path didn’t arise any additional costs, since it was already integrated within the touristic road network of the administrative district right from the outset. Necessary building activities could also be realised within the framework of the impact of LMBV’s remedial action (LMBV = Lusatian and Central-German. Mining Management Company Ltd.).

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