Kolkwitzer Teiche 17 places belong to the autonomous community of Kolkwitz with about 9,800 inhabitants occupying a total area of 103 km². This territory shapes the western part of the Spree-Neisse district, bordering on the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district and joining the territory of tourist centres like the Spreewald with the Lausitzer Seenland (“Lusatia Lakes”) recently come into being.

Well connected to the public transportation infrastructure by the roads L49 and B169 as well as by two motorway junctions of the A15, and three flag stops on the railway lines from Cottbus to Leipzig and from Cottbus to Berlin, Koselmühle thus the community closely joint to the western urban quarter of Cottbus provides ideal conditions in any sort of tourist activities within the territory and in the surrounding area. The community’s territory being still shaped by farming activity, shows diversified landscape with meadows, forest, lakes and rivulets. Here, urban population seeking for recreation will find both peace and relaxation while going on a ramble, being possessed to skate, to bike or to go on horseback as well as to experience carriage rides and fishing. Therefore and among others, the typical pond region located between the places of Kolkwitz – Dahlitz – Glinzig and the adjacent nature protection area of Putgolla with its fen near the clinical centre, has to be recommended together with the eastern part of the biosphere reserve of the Spreewald and its typical pasture landscape being ahead of the Spreewald from the line of Papitz-Kunersdorf in the direction of Milkersdorf and Babow, and the protected low-laying land on both sides of the Koselmühlenfließ (rivulet known as Kosel water mill) from Glinzig as well as the Priorgraben (upstream rill) from the Steinteichmühle (water mill).

Gläserne Kirche About 23 kilometres asphalted bicycle paths and cycle ways recently finished with junction to supraregional long-distance bicycle paths and theme cycling tours criss-cross the striking landscapes, is providing an offer that can lead to numerous destinations, monuments, unical buildings and licensed houses. It’s always worth doing a bicycle tour including the popular tourist café “Zur Koselmühle”. By the way, you’ll discover some peculiar buildings like the pyramidal edifice of the Technologiepark, the house of the former mining inspectorate at the access to the Gewerbegebiet Süd (commercial area) of Kolkwitz, Pyramide the typical churches with a “pointed hat” at Papitz, Krieschow and Hänchen, the “Glassy Church” at Glinzig as well as the ancient castles at Papitz, Milkersdorf and Krieschow or, likewise, having a close look at the monuments in the Schulstrasse at Kolkwitz, the former lung clinic ensemble – now Klinikum Kolkwitz or the stonework graves at Brodtkowitz.

For everybody being interested in unusual items, guest houses dedicated to steed and rider at Papitz and Wiesendorf are inviting you, just as 5 other horse riding centres and goat farms with annexed yard sale at Gulben and Kackrow, the doll’s museum at Kackrow, a bunker museum at the Technologiepark as well as the centre of the Nature Conservation Association at the “Altes Forsthaus” (forester’s house).

For further information:
Web: www.kolkwitz.de