The country of Peitz in the north-east of the Spree-Neisse district is quiet nearby the Spreewald. Karpfenernte in Peitz

The fish-farming in Peitz takes pleasure in a national degree of fame in Germany. Here is growing the appreciated carp of Peitz being regarded as a particular tasty morsel. The ponds at Peitz belong to one of the largest European pond regions, which represent a magnet attracting always a lot of people because of both the guided visits through the ponds as well as the cycle paths and the hiking paths. The water expanse being stretched as far as the eye can see, offers with small islands an ideal habitat of many protected plants and animals as well as an absolute paradise of birds.

The museums of the former ironworks and of the fishery are in the immediate vicinity of the ponds. Central element of this historical monument is the blast furnace plant with the casting bay that’s now usable for museum. Already during the 16th century local bog ore became smelting in order to produce ammunition for the need of the near fortress. The museum is replenished with a permanent exhibition with the main focus on Prussian’s chronicle of the industrial revolution, shown on the basis of the town of Peitz and the adjacent fishery museum.

The history of Peitz as a town of fishermen and fortress with all their surrounding villages evokes curiosity. A visit guided by a soldier dressed up in a Prussian uniform is an experience for each visitor. Furthermore, there is a lot of sights and draw like the donjon, the churches, the smock mill, the air-field of Drewitz as well as numerous historical home parlours and museums (at Drachhausen, Heinersbrück, Tauer and Jänschwalde.)

A very popular place of excursions is the “Erlebnispark Teichland” (theme park). In 2012, this has been awarded 2nd prize in the ranking order of the “Tourismuspreis des Landes Brandenburg” in appreciation of having achieved a good mixture of near-natural rest, attractions of leisure as well as intermediation of other things worth knowing. The theme park of Bärenbrück (a vegetated elevation of a former open cast‘s overburden mass) is located at the west slope near the village of Neuendorf. At present there are 19 exciting attractions like a tubing track, a crazy golf course, a maze, a Slavonic ailantery of pagan deities, a lookout tower, a summer bobsleigh track, a path of the small pagan deities, a skydive, on a lot of other things are waiting to be tried. Events for the whole family take place several times all the year round. (

In the east of the Peitzer Land you’ll find a sandy soil. An open cast mining of Jänschwalde stretches along the villages of Grötsch, Heinersbrück, Jänschwalde and Grießen. The monumental power plant of Jänschwalde converts lignite into electric energy. At all events, a visit (on request) of the power plant and the open cast mining is really recommended.

Traditions and customs of the northern Sorbs, like “Zampern” (Sorbian camprowanje = to demand; a kind of a trick-or-treating); “Zapust” (a kind of Shrove Tuesday); “Osterfeuer” (Bonfire on Easter Sunday) and “Erntefest” (Harvest Home); which are alive in the country of Peitz. Girls and women wear their traditional costumes on Shrove Tuesday in February or in March, but also on Harvest Home in August or in September. Highlights of the numerous events belonging to the country of Peitz, are the concert with “Viennese charm” on the New Year’s Day; the fishermen’s red-letter day on the 2nd weekend of August; the night of famous soundtracks as its motto “Sounds of Hollywood” on the first Friday of September; the fishermen’s great raid (fish harvesting) on the 2nd half of October; and the festival of lights during the third weekend in Advent.

We wish you a good stay and exciting experience while being on your holiday.

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